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  "Maria helped us finish our SOPs in PV and was very helpful to our VP on setting up our department."  

--Specialty pharma, USA


"Corevigilance helped us ensure safety management is in place overseeing our safety program and we are so happy to work with the Corevigilance team in continuing this partnership"

--Oncology Biotech, USA


"The Corevigilance consultant is a lifesaver as they were able to bring our backlog up to date due to a vacancy on our team and they oversaw all the work performed and met with us weekly with updates."

---Pharmaceutical company, USA


"I turned to Maria as a former colleague because my company was asked by a client to perform a function we had no experience in; Maria was very helpful in helping us understand the FDA regulation.  Totally selfless and professional,  and I so appreciated her kean interest in helping us."  

--EU Regulatory Consultant Co.


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